Theta Delta Chi at the University of Washington

Executive Director Bill McClung greets former CFO staffer Ryan Aggergaard.

Jock Collins and Larry Sarchin on the way to Blake Island

Jay Change (c) under the SR-71.  Jay received the farthest traveled award coming from Beijing to celebrate.

Xi Deuteron’s Centennial Reunion and the 166th International Convention August 2013

A Century of brotherhood marked by good times and challenging times, ended in Triumph.   Four days of celebration will be fondly remembered for a long time.  Our visiting Convention bretheren were in awe from start to finish.  The SHIELD captured the

spirit with this article

Entering our Second Century

Xi Deut's white house just north of the University of Washington is a landmark of the campus, looking much like the West Portico of the real White House in that other Washington.  From its start in 1909 as a local fraternity with three men, Xi Deut has grown to one of the largest and strongest Theta Delt Charges in the West, hosting four spectacular International Conventions (in 1956, 1977, 1998 and 2013) and winning numerous fraternity awards for the strength of its brotherhood. 

Jock Collins and Larry Sarchin on the way to Blake Island

The Courtyard in lights.

From your Centennial Chairman – Ty Fenton ‘75

We were in for a treat.  As the final hours approached to the Welcoming Reception at the Charge House our Centennial was quickly coming together.  Herculean efforts over years, months, and the final weeks were about to pay off.  I can probably safely say there will not be a larger gathering of Theta Delts at a Charge hosted Convention welcoming reception…Ever!  We owe a debt to Brothers Paul West ‘03 and Larry Sarchin ‘77 who each gave up two weeks of their vacation to get the house ship shape and decked out.  My wife Patti (AZD ’76) spent several weeks and countless hours compiling and creating new photo albums spanning the 100 years.  They were a huge hit.  A bunch of guys from the 60’s laughed while pointing at pictures of themselves back in the day with dates who later became their former wives!  The cruise to Blake Island and updated salmon bake did not disappoint.  Sailing into Seattle at night is always spectacular.  Reverend Kevin Beder ‘76 once again led the faithful at the Omega Service as attendees signed a poster honoring the listed 400 Xi Deuts who entered Omega during Xi Deut’s first century.

 The Charitos Society sponsored a gathering of contributors with particular recognition for those supporting Xi Deut’s fund raising efforts.  The event was on the rooftop of the Deca Hotel.  It was a glorious evening of fellowship, food, drink and views.  As the sun was setting we were in for a spectacular lightning display by Mother Nature off near the foothills.

The Convention’s Grand Banquet has been the highlight of each convention.  Our chosen venue will be the benchmark for future conventions.  Never before has a Grand Banquet venue offered a more rich and exciting backdrop than the Museum of Flight.  Nearly 290 Theta Delts and guests, nearly 200 Xi Deuts, dined amongst aviation history, marveled at the fleet of planes flying overhead and the hardy even got a chance to “fly” in the simulators.  It provided the exclamation point to a fabulous week.

Alec Hill flew in from Baltimore to reminisce with his fellow alumni.

Jordan Forbes, Paul West, and Dan Keefe hosting a couple of the alumni delegates.

Xi Deuteron’s Centennial Reunion and the 166th International Convention August 2013

Theta Delts gathered in Seattle back in August for the 166th Convention and the 100th anniversary of the Xi Deuteron Charge.  And it was the party of the century, with a Charge House in lights, gourmet food trucks, and the most unique Grand Banquet in recent memory—dinner beneath an SR-71 Blackbird.

Our most remote charge pulls out all the stops when the rest of the Fraternity comes to visit.  Xi Deuteron has been planning this convention for over five years. And they did not disappoint.

Wednesday’s Northwest Graduate Association Welcoming Reception at the Charge house was a huge success.  Event chairmen Larry Sarchin ’77 and Paul West ’03 put together an amazing evening.  Over 240 people crammed into the house, yet one never sensed that it was overcrowded as the event was spread throughout the house and grounds.  Two of Seattle’s most popular gourmet Food Trucks, Marination Mobile and Happy Grillmore, provided the feast.  Jim Romdall ’02, owner of Vessel cocktail bar in downtown Seattle mixed Signature drinks created for the occasion such as Stars Ablaze and Minerva’s Arrows.  Xi Deut Undergrad President Brian Best gave tours of the famous Charge Room.  Newly re-done photo albums depicting 100 years of history were on display.  And six decades of Xi Deuts welcomed the Convention throng.

Thursday was down to business meetings, then a cruise across Puget Sound to Tillicum Village on Blake Island for a clam and salmon feast with Northwest Coast Native American stories and dances.  Friday dawned to the Omega Service, presided by Kevin G. Beder, Xi Deut ’76.  On display were nearly 400 names of Xi Deuts who had entered Omega during the Charge’s first century.  Friday evening had many choices for the visitors. The Seattle Mariners were playing the Milwaukee Brewers at Safeco Field, and the Charitos Society held a rooftop reception in the Presidential suite of the Deca Hotel that offered stunning views of Seattle, the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, and presiding overall was Mt Rainier.  As the sun set and city lights began to stir the night, nature gave us a light show over the Cascades

When Saturday’s business wrapped up the conventioneers had no idea what was in store.  When you thought Xi Deut had no more surprises, we arrived at the Museum of Flight.  Nearly 290 brothers and guests enjoyed the Museum’s Red Barn, Personal Courage Wings, the 4D Flight simulator, Museum Store, and the Space Gallery.  After the PGL Reception and Xi Deuteron Centennial Reunion overlooking Boeing Field, nothing could prepare us for the Grand Banquet, exquisitely set in the Great Gallery beneath generations of aircraft “flying” above us.  And who could forget the convention visitor who remarked “I never thought I’d be eating dinner underneath an SR-71 Blackbird.”  The prime rib dinner was superb and delicious, the celebrations historic, and joyful.

The Brothers of Xi Deuteron and the city of Seattle have done it once again.  Great food, great events, great venues, picture perfect postcard weather, stunning vistas, nice surprises, record attendance, and flawless execution.  Sadly, it may be a while before the fraternity convention heads that way again, but maybe there will be something to celebrate not too far off.  Xi Deuteron is in the midst of a major fund-raising and stem-to-stern renovation project with completion eyed for 2016 when the Charge house itself will be 100 years old. The gentlemen of Xi Deuteron will celebrate their achievement in style, and we’re sure the welcome mat will be out for those of us who wish to revisit Theta Delta Chi’s most remote and most welcoming Charge.

Rick Wood, Dan Keefe, and Eric Kelley

In the scene Dave Duryee, Robert Russell, Ron Smith, and John Plovie

amongst others

The 60’s 

Dinner on Blake Island

Larry Sarchin, Paul West, and Jeff Weiner with the Graduate Attendance Trophy

Tom Suther and Tom Birmingham admiring the Deca Hotel Penthouse view 

The 50’s